Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bleh bleh bleh...

Yesterday I had mentioned that we use the Moby wrap and the sling.  I forgot to mention that we also have a Baby Bjorn.  You can use the Baby Bjorn with newborn as the flap in the front is very high and holds their head, but our little girl likes the ability to move her head around.  And being that she doesn't have complete head control, we have to tighten the straps on the flap to keep her head super close to my chest.  This means no moving her head from side to side or seeing anything, which does NOT make her happy!  I think the Bjorn is going to get its best use when she is big enough to be facing outward.

By far, the Moby is our best hands-free carrier right now.  In fact, it's our go-to when she is getting uber fussy and doesn't want to settle down.  The minute I put her in the Moby, she calms...  It's pretty amazing!

Below is just another video that I shot on my phone.  We DO have a camcorder, which I picked up yesterday and cried as I was looking through the photos/videos when I realized that E had shot video right after she was born, not just photos.  So I watched those videos, which I'll post later as I need to figure out how to transfer the videos to the computer.

I'm not sure what made me think to make that sound, but it appears that she was thoroughly enjoying it!

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  1. so cute. i should be out there in stead of work. love you.