Friday, March 23, 2012

My daughter looks like a teenager!

So poor little Finn has developed a pretty nice case of baby acne!  The poor girl looks like she is a 13 year old who doesn't know to wash their face every day.  It does bother her and I'm trying to NOT let it bother me.  I just miss my precious little girl's smooth skin...  It'll come back soon -- this I know.

Last night, we officially moved her into her crib at night.  AND we started to let her fall asleep by herself.  I rocked her until she was practically asleep and then placed her in her crib.  She woke up slightly and I tried to shush her to sleep.  It was SOOOO hard to not pick her up again.  She was super content, just laying there in her crib -- so we went into our room.  But we had the video monitor on and could hear her every peep, which made me feel better.  There were definitely a lot of tears shed (on my part -- not hers).  E kept telling me that she was doing wonderful -- being 5 weeks old and starting to soothe herself to sleep very successfully.  Just another instance in the last couple of days that my baby isn't tiny anymore.  God, I'm in for a LONG haul...

On my postpartum front, I've lost 28 pounds of the 45 that I gained during my pregnancy.  And I haven't started exercising again yet -- YEAH for breastfeeding!  I also realized that I shouldn't have washed my pre-pregnancy jeans before I put them away, as they are NOWHERE near close to fitting.  I've got at least two inches left to lose around my middle and I feel super flabby.  I can't wait for my 6 week checkup with Emery so he can release me to start some serious exercise regimen.  I need it -- I won't have anything to wear pretty soon.  I can only feel comfortable wearing yoga pants and my maternity shirts for so long!  17 pounds to lose!!!

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