Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The waiting list...

Last night, E and I were able to go out to our first dinner as a couple (only four weeks after having Finn -- I think that we are ahead of the game).  During dinner, it was mentioned that the Cleveland Clinic does, in fact, have a daycare affiliated with it and it is only three blocks away from my building at work.  One of the secretaries that I work with has her child enrolled there and is able to see him during lunch.  What would be more wonderful than having daily lunch dates with my daughter!

Sleeping beauty

The end of every nap is concluded with a series of stretches and faces (it's my favorite part of the day, if I can catch it)

With the arrival of the in-laws and them taking Finn out for a walk, I was able to put her on the waiting list.  Or so I thought...

I am going to stay home with Finn for 12 weeks.  I return to work on May 9th.  At that point, my really good friend SaraBeth is going to be watching her until she leaves for graduate school in September.  So I figured that being Finn won't be enrolled until September, it was a long enough time away to easily get into the daycare.  Apparently not.  The lady that I spoke with at the daycare stated that they are only telling new enrollees that it would be sometime in the fall that they would have a spot open up.  She couldn't guarantee our specific time because they were having an influx of new babies.  And apparently, she won't know what the date will be until the early summer time.  Great...  She did say that she would be able to place us in a KinderCare until the time a spot opens up for us.  Now to find the most convenient KinderCare.  And I have scheduled a tour of the daycare on Monday morning -- so hopefully I'll like it.

Finn is starting to become more alert and staring intently at objects

Also, yesterday, Finn developed a rash all over her trunk and I took her to the other doctor in my pediatrician's office.  Being that she was afebrile, nothing to be alarmed about according to the doctor, just a newborn rash or contact dermatitis.  But she said that it could possibly get worse before it gets better.  Well, it's getting worse -- the poor girl now has it spreading up her neck and onto her face!  I have her well-baby one-month visit on Friday and will be talking to her regular doctor then.

And we also have E's parents here until Monday morning.  It's so wonderful watching others love on your baby.  It makes me involuntarily smile.

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