Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cats don't make good babysitters...

No babies were harmed in the making of this film...

When this video was shot, the weather was colder and although we had the heat cranked up in our house, with all the windows that we have, a chill is inevitable.  With that said, Finn didn't like having her diaper changed and would start to cry the minute we placed her on the changing table.

This time, Norm and Lucy had decided to snuggle in the exact place that we usually change her.  Before everyone gets all riled up, you can see me hovering right outside of the frame of the video, ready to swoop in a flash.

The two kittens have been wonderful with her.  Lucy will even snuggle up on our outstretched legs when we are trying to put Finn to sleep.  Lucy has a deafening purr and it helps calm Finn -- like our own little portable white noise machine.

The dogs have also been wonderful.  Bishop doesn't give a poo about her -- and couldn't be bothered.  Munk has started to "check" on her when she starts to cry too loud, sniffing her face.  He is going to be her best friend once she starts eating and throwing food on the floor.  :)

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  1. I am at grandma mona's tonight and showed her this web site, it made her smile:) She hads not been feeling well for a couple of days so hopefully this helps. I so much enjoy these post and am so glad you are doing this. So wish you were closer, hopefully we can make a trip out to see her before you have to go back to work. She is growing up so big. Glad she loves her kittys.