Monday, October 15, 2012

A week in the life (v.3.3)

Riding through Pets Supplies Plus, sitting in the cart like a big girl.  But trust me, these carts are smaller than regular grocery carts -- she isn't really a big girl.

The smile gets me every time...

What are you lookin' at?  What?
Hardcore Iowa cheerleader.

This is how most of week went.  She was a little head-buckin' crank pot.

Seriously, Mom... STOP!

She wasn't quite sure of Daddy's beard...

Practicing her super-hero crime-fighting moves with Daddy.

Despite her actions to my shrill cry of "I love books!", seriously -- she does love books.

This girl is NEVER going to be cold -- Lucy will make sure that she stays warm.

Even after waking up and kicking like crazy, Lucy is still standing guard.

I left her right between the green and blue donuts...

And this is where she ended up...  The quiet days are nearing an end...

Saturday night, we rubbed elbows with the Prime Minister of Ireland.

Pumped up kicks

One of my favorite videos to date -- first time wearing shoes...

Houston, we have hair -- at least enough to put in a bow.

Sunday morning breakfast at our local diner.

We had beets for the first time on Sunday.  They didn't go over as I had thought they would.

She looks like she is auditioning for a role in an action movie...

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