Monday, October 29, 2012

A Week in the Life (v.3.5)

Sitting outside in the 80 degree weather at the beginning of the week

Playing with the autumn leaves.  Yes, they look brown & dead -- we only have oaks and no, we don't have pretty maples in our yard with their pretty color leaves.

Who needs expensive toys when you can play with a paper towel roll?

Speaking of paper towels, is it wrong that we stick a wet paper towel to her head and laugh?

Practicing her super-human strength by trying to rip up the paper towel

Sitting at breakfast on Saturday morning, heading over to get her passport

Yummy breakfast!

One of my favorite photos of all time!

Lucy napping with Finn and while this was happening...

This was happening.  I usually turn on the oven to warm it up if I need to let bread dough rise.  Unfortunately, this time, I forgot to turn off the oven.  Oven 1, Plastic bowl 0.

I didn't let a melted plastic bowl in the oven stop me, though.  I tried again and my pumpkin pull-apart bread was a success!  (I've made this recipe at least 5 times in the last month -- who's a sucker for cinnamon sugar & pumpkin?  This girl!)

Despite not having a lot of hair -- the girl still gets bedhead.

Just in case, you couldn't see the magnitude of her wild hair, a video captures it perfectly.

Playing with block in the kitchen while Mommy cooks chili

Totally teasing Mommy & Daddy all weekend by looking like I'm going to crawl to them and then not.

Up on all fours, just waiting to make my move...

I pretend like I'm going to crawl to them and then collapse on the floor in a pile of exhaustion, just to make Mommy feel sorry for me...


  1. Recipe please for the bread!!!!

  2. It's a little bit of work -- but worth every bite! I'm a pro at it now and it doesn't seem so time-consuming. Piece of advice? Pre-measure all your ingredients so you can just throw them in as the recipe calls for it. Saves a lot of time...