Friday, October 19, 2012

I - O - WAAAA!

So last week on Friday, I arrived at the daycare to pick up the little lady.  And as I had said before, E likes to have Dress-Down-Fridays (i.e. put her in something that if she could protest, she would and not leave the house).  He had called me that day and told me that he took a bunch of photos of her outfit for the day.  He teased me unmercifully all day about how wild her outfit was and how all the ladies of the daycare came to check her out that morning.  When I arrived at the daycare, I was walking back to the back of the building (where the infant room was located) and got stopped by one of the ladies that worked there, telling me that she wanted Finn's outfit in her size, raving about how cute it was.  Another lady jabbed her with her elbow, stating that I didn't know what Finn had on -- that E dresses her in the am.  The first lady was shocked that she was so cute and that her daddy dressed her.

I get back to the infant room, walk in the door, and stop her right away.  He had put in her Iowa cheerleading costume!  It was perfect as Fridays are black-&-gold days for me at work.  I always wear black & gold on the Football Fridays.  I think that's part of the reason why we beat MSU last week.  Lady put her own little magic into the mix and we pulled out a win in double OT.  Go, Hawks!

This week has been pretty quiet.  I'm a member of a Mommy group and am taking on a new organizer role -- the working mom organizer.  So there was a planning meeting as the group is getting bigger and bigger everyday.  I'm excited to start actively seeking out friends and meeting other amazing women.  It's time.  But I left E & Finn to have an exciting evening by themselves -- and exciting it was!  Poor Finn cried quite a bit.  E handled it quite well, but also had twisted weird and pulled a muscle in his back while playing with her on the floor.  I could tell that he was ready for me to take over when I got home.  In the middle of the night that night, she woke up with such a clogged nose that she couldn't break out of either nostril.  So I think that with the combination of her getting sick and her teeth coming in, it was a recipe for Finn the Frightful.

BTW, she still doesn't have teeth, but I am starting to feel little bumps on her gums.  I don't get a good feel at them.  She refuses to allow me to rub them.  She will clamp down her lips & gums, so that I can't get my fingers in her mouth.  She is NOT all about the gum massages.  But in the flash of a second that I can get my finger in there to feel, it doesn't feel smooth in there anymore.  Yet when she opens her mouth and I can see her bottom gum, I don't see the white of a tooth underneath her skin.  So we are still waiting for that first tooth to pop out.

And the hair is still practically nonexistant.  I think that she has a lot of hair for Finn.  But when I see other babies her age at daycare, the poor girl is still a bald baby.  I also think that her hair color, which is a very light brown with a reddish hue in direct sunlight, also leads to her looking balder than she is.  Although I would LOVE for her to have beautiful locks right now, it's better that she doesn't have them.  She refuses to allow me to put bows in her hair.  I have found these cute little bows (one is in the photo dump below) that works nicely with her fine hair.  But she is NOT about to let me put them in her hair.  She will thrash about as I'm trying to clip it to the side of her head.  I can't imagine what it would be like to try to put in pigtails (which I CAN'T WAIT for!), but I'm hoping that she will be better at letting me play with her hair as she gets older and eventually gets more.

And in a great surprise, my mom is coming out late tonight and staying until Monday morning!!!  She called last night saying that she was coming for sure.  We are super excited to have her, as we had something planned for Saturday morning, which I'm sure that she is going to be grateful that she was here to participate in. (oooo, the suspense...)

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