Friday, October 5, 2012

Stream of Consciousness

When the stars line up just right, I have an overabundance of photos that I want to put on the blog in one week.  I'm a stickler for making sure the photos are of the current week (i.e. I don't like using week old photos).  Under that rule, I am required to get my camera out at least once a week (usually weekends).  It helps motivate me when I lack it.  Anyway, this week, I have too many photos that I want to share and nothing to really write about that corresponds with the photos.  So I'm just going to type whatever comes through these fingers of mine.

  • We are heading to Leurenkill this weekend.  It's a very special place for E and he really wants to share it with Finn.  Honestly, I didn't understand the specialness of it at first.  Leurenkill is half of a mountain in the Catskill mountains that houses 32 individual cabins owned by NYC firefighters and a couple of police officers.  It has a pool and a "casino" which is the community center that the bar inhabits.  There are trails through the mountainside and a baseball field in a clearing where the trees had been cut down years ago that is the size of at least 400 yards by 200 yards.  

  • I just took it as a place where all of his friend growing up used to go during the summertime.  Then I realized that he didn't grow up like I did.  He didn't grow up where no one locked their doors and you could run around outside your house after sunset barefoot during the summer without your parents' being concerned.  He grew up in the city.  Leurenkill was their 'lil bit of country.  It's the place where the parents did let their kids run around after sunset barefoot and weren't concerned.  It's E's place that was very reminisce of my childhood.  I get it now and I look forward to going up there to help Finn connect with her Daddy's childhood.  But in order to get up to Leurenkill, we have to drive 7 hours.  This is our first long trip with her and the dogs.  Wish us luck.

  • Finn and I are heading to Iowa for Thanksgiving.  Mommy has tickets to the Nebraska-Iowa game on Black Friday so there is no backing out.  I'm still undecided as to whether we are driving the 10 hours or flying.  I can hear it now -- why would you ever drive 10 hours with a 9 month old solo and two dogs?!?!?!?  But the hefty price ticket of over $500 for a flight just might change your mind.  So this weekend will decide it -- driving or flying.  Wish us luck.
  • Lady got her first flu vaccine yesterday.  Because this is her first flu vaccination, she has to get the initial shot and then a booster in four weeks.  I was nervous as the last round of shots resulted in the usual crying which was over once Mommy picked her up from the table.  But I was thinking that she was going to associate the doctor's office with shots.  Nope.  Girl didn't even cry getting the shot last night!  Seriously -- we are going to start calling her "Finn, Thighs of Steel".
  • I bought an exersaucer off of Craigslist last weekend.  I'm having problems with her trying to get her to straighten her legs and put weight on them.  She LOVES her Johnny-Jumper thing, but when you try to get her to stand on your lap, she tries to bounce, thinking there is a spring attached to her.  Daycare has an exersaucer and she was in it when I got there once and she appears to be enjoying herself.  So I thought, what the hell.  We got it and I can already see the strength in her legs increasing.  She is in the exersaucer while I'm making dinner, about 20-30 minutes a day.  Makes me realize that if I started exercising I would see some results pretty quickly to (now to just find the motivation).
  • Don't tell E that I told her this -- but the man seriously loves dressing her in the morning.  He takes pride in his outfit selection.  And I have to say that he has a mean baby-fashion eye.  The ladies at daycare told me yesterday that when their fathers tried to dress them, it was a mess.  And they raved about what a good job E always does in the mornings.  So E decided to proclaim Friday his WTF-is-she-wearing day.  That's the day that he gets to put her in the tackiest outfit he can find.  I'm sure that photos of those outfits will make it on here somehow.  I love that he loves to dress her.
  • I think that we may have a crawler in less than two weeks.  When she is sitting, she will scoot when she can't reach something.  The only thing that is stopping her from getting into the crawling position is the leg that it in the front.  She moved about 6 inches last night, reaching and scooting.  Oh, lord help me -- I don't think that I'm ready...

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