Monday, October 22, 2012

A week in the life (v.3.4)

Pretty lady

Daddy dressed me!

Failed attempt that getting her to wave "bye" for me -- she does it every time we leave daycare.

She is starting to make funny faces.  I love it!

 Playing with blocks with Grammy

Pretty bow with fuzzy boots 

Mommy loves my fuzzy boots! 

Showing off my winter jacket with Grammy 

Napping in the 15 minutes that it took to drive to Babies R Us -- she had an exhausting weekend! So much fun!

 Playing with blocks on Sunday morning

Knocking down all the towers that Mommy was making 

 Brought to you by the letter "U"

What are you doing up there, Grammy?

Standing up like a big girl! 

She fell and bonked her chin on the toy.  Grammy thought it was funny to take photos of her crying.

She sticks out her J-Lo booty every time we stand her up.  She doesn't know that she needs to tuck her booty yet.  It's super adorable.

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