Wednesday, July 17, 2013

And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand. (Part IV)

One last photo of Cloughveen

Someone was so exhausted from being carried all day and breathing so much Irish air -- she started to fall asleep on E's head!

The girl was sooooo tired...

We attended E's distant cousin's 90th birthday party that evening.  This happened to be in attendance there.  The Sam Maguire Cup!  It's basically the Stanley Cup of Gaelic football.

Everyone was able to get photos with it.
(PS Someone also ended up getting a sunburn from the Irish sun being outside all day)

The girls in the Sam

The girl was on fire!  Give her a balloon and she is set for the entire evening!

Dancing with Daddy

The Irish step dancing that was taking place was a big hit with Finorah.

This is the cottage that we stayed at while in Ireland

Finorah on Eany Water -- the little bay that was right outside our cottage

Daddy & Finn at the beach

Taking a dip in the Irish waters of Donegal

Beach Mama

Checking out the water

One final photo on the beach


Cousins pyramid.  Not sure what kind of a face Finn is making here.


The next generation in Irish sheep herding

We were able to get a 99 for Finorah.  Her first!!!!!  A 99 is a small child's cone that has half of a Flake candy bar stuck in it.

I love you, Spot.

One final hug goodbye.

Tired after a long trip of Finn-Hugs.

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