Wednesday, July 17, 2013

May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. (Part III)

Probably one of my favorite photos of our entire trip.
My little sheep herder...

After leaving Cloughveen, we were heading to Disert Graveyard.
Along the way, we passed an old school that E's great-great uncle taught Gaelic in.  (Obviously the roof is new)

Our final destination that day was Disert Graveyard.  It was an ancient religious site that predates Christianity in the region.  In 600ad, St. Columbkille consecrated a well on the site to provide healing powers.  During the times of British occupation, it was illegal to have catholic masses so the locals would meet around Mass Rock and have an outdoor mass illegally.  Two of E's uncles were buried in as they died before they could be baptized.  In those days, you couldn't be buried in a cemetery if you weren't baptized.  

In order to get to Disert, you had to walk through someone's field.

It was a pretty long hike.

The sheep were paying us no mind as we walked through their field.

Once at Disert, they had old stones that were said to cure certain illnesses.  And people would leave coins as offerings.

This stone is said to cure bad eyesight.  You simply look through the hole in the rock.  Aiden decided to go for better than 20/20 vision.

These two stones were said to bring about virility.  You place a stone in each hand and walk around another stone multiple times.

This pile of rocks are all rocks left by people visiting the graveyard years ago.

The rocks had been in place for quite a while as moss was growing on them.

Aiden trying his hand at the virility stones.

The entire shrine that was sitting on the hillside.

A little further over was a set of stones that was called Mass Rock.  You were to walk under and through the stones to cure an ailing back.

E & Finn at Disert

Mass Rock

E walking through Mass Rock

S walking through Mass Rock

Us sitting next to Mass Rock

The Johnson family -- Neave didn't want to be in the photo
L to R: Matt, Aiden, Neave, Maraid, S

Neave upset

A good family photo

The siblings showing their support for Neave

L to R: S, E, & Anita

Cousins:  L to R: AnnaMarie, S, E, & Anita

 Desert was served at Disert -- Finorah was very excited about chocolate buttons.

A pretty view of the mountain side.

Finorah & I at Disert

Thank goodness for timers on cameras!
All of us: L to R: me, S, AnnaMarie, E, Finorah Matt, Neave, Maraid, Aiden & Anita

The walk back

Homeward bound.

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