Wednesday, July 17, 2013

May the wind always be at your back... (Ireland Part II)

Matt & Maraid

Family photo!
L to R: Bottom row: Maraid, Neave, Aunt Peggy (Uncle Con's wife), Mary (E's mother), & Finorah
Top row: me, Steven (E's Canadian cousin's husband), Teri (E's Canadian cousin), Peter (E's cousin & Tony & Mary's son), AnnaMarie w/ James (E's cousin & Tony & Mary's daughter), Uncle Tony, Aunt Mary, Aiden, Matt, S (E's other sister), Anita, Uncle Con, & E

E brought up some topographical maps to find out where old landmarks were on the mountain.  Mary & Con helped him navigate.

For some reason, my first thought on seeing this photo was this looks very Beatles-esque.
The next morning, we came back up to Uncle Con's and were making the trek up the mountain to see Cloughveen (the old house where his mother was born).  I had to make sure that Finorah was dressed appropriately with her Wellies (a gift from Ann & Carly) and her Irish green jacket.  
A while back, Con was generous enough to grant E the house (which is now no more than a couple of old walls).  On the Irish countryside, each house has its own name and that is where the post is sent to.  Uncle Con's house is called Meentacor.  

Modern sheep driving (with a car)

Watching the dogs herd the sheep into a different field.

Starting the trek up the mountain side with the sheep leading the way

Someone didn't have to walk.  She got a nice ride up on Daddy's back.

Jess watching for strays



A look out the front door



A look through the front window



Still standing strong

Jess watching the herd in their final destination

Finorah enjoying the wooly view

Surveying the landscape and our next destination

L to R: me, E, Finorah, Maraid, Uncle Con, Neave, Aiden, Uncle Tony, S, Matt, AnnaMarie, & Anita

Aiden exploring a lower house

Finn & I at Cloughveen

Cousins at Cloughveen
(someone doesn't look amused...)

E & Finn at Cloughveen

Stopping for a nice lunch of tomatoes, bread, bananas & cheese

The lunch lady passing out lunch

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