Thursday, April 12, 2012

Happy 8 weeks old to my crazy lady!

8 weeks old

one week old
My crazy lady is 8 weeks old today.  And I'm sitting here wondering where the time has went already.  Our time with her has been everything that I have hope for and more.  There have also been a lot of surprises that I didn't anticipate.

At eight weeks old:
---Doing a very unscientific weighing (both E and I got on our crappy digital scale without her and then with her), Finn is weighing in at 11 pounds today!  She has gained almost 3.5 pounds in two months!
---Last night, she slept for 7 hours!  We went to bed a little late for us (10:30pm) and she woke up to eat at about 5:45am.  Currently we are having her sleep with us, which I think is what is leading to our great fortune in her long lengths of sleep.  I know that it will be changing in the near future, but right now, it is really easy to feed her in the middle of the night if she is laying right next to me.
---She definitely knows who her momma is and follows her as she walks around the room.  She recognizes both E's and my voice.
---She is mesmerized with bright colors and patterns.
---She won't nap longer than 5-10 minutes during the day unless she is either in my arms or sleeping on my chest.

Typical afternoon naps

---Surprisingly, she still fits into about 5 newborn sleepers, only outgrowing the others due to her length.  We are still completely in newborn sized onesies and pants.
---She is in newborn diapers.  We have tried to put her in size 1 diapers for about 2-3 days, but almost every time that she pooped, she would leak out of the diaper.  The newborn diapers are pretty tight around her legs due to her long torso, but fit fine around her tummy.
---Mommy is really excited that her eyelashes have grown out A LOT during the last 8 weeks.  She is going to have gorgeous long lashes (as every pretty little girl should have).

 Our morning ritual -- Finn eats while Mommy drinks coffee and catches up on the computer

---En & I have only gotten out once to dinner without her since her birth.  But we are going out on Saturday with 11 other local couples that have kids/babies.  Hoping to meet a lot of great new friends.
---But we have went out to dinner at least once, if not twice a week with her.
---Mornings are one of E's favorite times with her.  While I'm in the shower, he gets to be the soul recipient of all her waking-up smiles and laughs.

The only things that I'm hoping are going to change in the upcoming weeks are her distaste in car rides and my post-pregnancy weight (I only have 10 pounds to lose to pre-Finn weight & I also hope to have a little more energy to be able to get up in the morning and work-out.  I tried once this week to wake up at 5am -- it worked for a day, but I couldn't get up that early any other day this week.  Hopefully with her lengthening sleeping habits, I'll have more vim & vigor to get up and go!)

Everything else I just want to bottle up and keep her little like this forever...

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