Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our first laugh!

Houston, we have our first laugh!!! She first did it on Sunday and I wasn't sure if she was coughing or not.  But then she continued to do it that evening into Monday morning when I was trying to make her smile.

Listen carefully at the 17 second mark...

It is seriously the cutest thing EVAH'!  The lady is trying so hard to make her vocal chords work with her in laughing.  On Sunday, we even got our first squeal.  We was laying there, trying to laugh and out came this high-pitched noise.  The smile instantly faded off of her face, not knowing where that shrill sound came from, only to be replaced with a wide-mouthed grin once she realized that it came from her.  Oh, boy -- this one's going to be a wild one!

Today was also a big first...  Finn fell asleep for her nap by herself NOT laying on me and NOT swinging in her Mamaroo.

Sleeping angel

She isn't going to daycare for another 3.5 -- 4 months.  But this just proves my instinctual thinking.  

Baby girl just wasn't ready to nap on her own and she will when she is ready.  So I let her nap on me, enjoying every little breath, every puddle of drool that pools on my chest, every soft dreamy sigh...  I breath in the smell of her hair, that soft baby smell that will be changed by toddler smell (which I hear isn't as pleasant).  I watch her ever-growing eyelashes, lightly fluttering on her cheeks when she is dreaming, knowing my smell is enveloping her and calming her.  I touch her increasingly pudgy fingers, grasping at my shirt, knowing that my breathing is completely comforting her. 

And although photographs and videos will be wonderful reminders of how daily life is right now.  I'm trying to take mental snapshots of the sights, smells, and actions, knowing this isn't going to last forever.  I'm enjoying every single fleeting moment...

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