Friday, April 6, 2012

Make a face!

A late-night interaction with Daddy

In the latest development with little Miss Finn, she has decided that she does NOT like the car.  It's not even the car seat or being strapped into her car seat.  She fusses a little bit while in the house once placed in her car seat and strapped in.  And she will even sit in her carseat once we get home for a bit until I can get to take her out.  But the minute that back door closes on the car, it's ON!  She immediately starts wailing.  We have tried to take her out at least twice a week since we brought her home, so that she would get used to the car rides.  Apparently not.

Utterly adorable proof that it is NOT the car seat.

I've tried placing her in the base of the car seat slowly so there isn't a loud click.  I've tried closing the door lightly, so it doesn't scare her.  She has a mirror on the car rest so I can see her while driving -- I've tried taking that down, thinking the baby crying in the mirror might be scaring her.   I've tried singing, talking in my normal voice, talking in my lithely voice -- we've tried silence.  And once, I was able to soothe her with static white noise from the radio. I'm at my wits end.  Any suggestions that I haven't thought of?

Finn has learned to grab things that are placed in her hands (i.e. my hair in my last post).  Her new favorite is a rattle.  That little girl will dance and dance with a rattle in her hands.  She doesn't realize that it's her movements that are making the soft tingling of the rattle.  But boy, does she move!

Her eyes completely light up as evidenced in the photo above.  And that rattle ain't going NOWHERE once it's placed in her hands.

And I just realized that the rattle is color coordinated with her outfit, which I totally planned.  Okay, no, I didn't.  I only wish I had that kind of foresight.  It appears that when my brain left me during my pregnancy for its long deserved vacation, it has decided that it likes its place on the beach with an umbrella drink and isn't coming back to me anytime soon.  I mean, I know that I had some really dumb moments during pregnancy -- (i.e. when giving a percentage chance that something was going to happen, saying "It's something like 75-30") but I just can't comprehend complex things anymore.  I'm hoping to be smarter than Finn by the time that she is two -- when she is going to be trying to outsmart me to get her way.

I have the cutest video of her shaking her rattle, but I can't figure out how to upload two videos in the same post.  So I may have to make another post,  just to upload the video.

Finn was 7 weeks old yesterday and I decided to look back and see how much bigger she has gotten since we brought her home.  It seems like years ago that we brought her home, but then it seems just like yesterday.
Three days old
7 weeks old
Her outfits in the two photos are the same sizes.  She is definitely filling out her newborn clothes.  She isn't quite big enough for most of her 0-3 months clothes, but she is too long for most of her newborn sleepers.  So we have moved to onesies and pants.  We are also in-between sizes in her diapers.  The newborn diapers are too tight around her legs, leaving red marks where the elastic wraps around her legs.  But the size 1's are still a little too big.  The side sticky tabs actually touch in the middle in the size 1 diapers.  We have already had some messes while we were out and about, but what babies aren't messy!

My original intent was to switch to cloth diapers once she gets big enough to fit into the one-size diapers, but our daycare will not allow CDs.  So we'll probably CD at home and take disposables to daycare.  Another post on cloth diapering once she gets big enough and why I am choosing to cloth diaper.

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