Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail!

Who doesn't love a semi-naked baby and bunny ears?  I couldn't resist!

The weather has gotten a little colder here in Cleveland.  This leads to colder hands and chiller naked babies.  I really wanted to get these photos, so I placed the portable heater about 5 feet away from the couch (it is currently plugged into the wall and I was too lazy to move the cord to a closer outlet) and waited.  And waited...  And waited...  Our living was too large to sufficiently heat up the area.  So Mama became speed photographer.  I think that I snapped about 70 photos in the span of about 2-3 minutes (it ain't hard, let me tell you!).

Our first Easter photo -- she wasn't too sure what I was trying to do.
The jig was up!  She knew what I wanted and she was going to throw a temper tantrum.

When she realized that crying was not going to stop the Mamarazzi, she did the only thing that she knew.
"I know the clicking WILL stop if she can't see my face!"

On to plan B...  Place cute baby on her back and start talking to her.  It was then realized that I should have started with plan B the whole time...  I caught what this lil' ole' Mama has decided is the cutest Easter photo on the face of the planet!
 "Oh, she wants me to be cute, huh?  How 'bout a little double chin?"

"With all the funny faces this crazy lady with a black box is making, I can't help but smile..."

"Aw, hell -- I ended up giving her a big belly laugh."
Our last week had been pretty excited.  

Finn and I went to our "Baby & Me" group for a new mother orientation.  We ended up meeting five ladies and their babies/toddlers.  All five mommies were really wonderful people!  Finn wasn't too impressed with these people -- she ended up sleeping for most of the hour & half.  I even met a mom who works on Main Campus at the Clinic and she was also on maternity leave after having her second child.  We are going to do lunch when I get back go work in May!  This "Baby & Me" group even has couples' night out!  E and I are planning on going as it's at a local brewery that we both really enjoy.  There were 9 couples RSVP'ed (not including ourselves) the last time I checked!  How wonderful!  It sounds like a great way to get out and meet some new friends!

Finn is also growing so much!  She is start to grasp at things -- mostly Mommy's hair.  I was getting ready to give her a bath on Sunday night.  Everything lined up, Finn was naked and I was placing her in her little tub.  She got frightened being lowered into the warm water and grabbed my pony tail in a death grip!  I didn't want to put her down quickly into the water, so I started yelling for E.  "E!  E, help me!!!"  He comes running, thinking something serious was wrong.  And started laughing when he was trying to release her super human hold on my hair.

Her favorite pose.

She is also developing a big preference in stretches.  We like to call it her Power-To-The-People stretch.  Her left arm goes straight over her head with her fist clenched.  And if she lowers her arm and you lift it right back up over her head, she starts the stretch all over again!  It's pretty darn hilarious.

Here's to hoping for warmer weather so we can get outside without bundling up! 

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