Monday, December 3, 2012

A Week in the Life (v.5.1)

Again with the Mickey Mouse scooter.  We have graduated to not having to keep her steady and can focus on speed, SPEED, SPEED!  (Just kidding -- I can't move too fast anyways)

She takes after her mother.  This photo doesn't look like my kid at all (at least in my opinion).  I do that in photos as well -- I will wait until the minute the photo is taken to make the most obscure face (unintentionally) and then not look like myself.
PS -- Loving the wild hair...

Speaking of wild hair -- it's so fine and now long enough to get some serious static going.

As you can tell -- we are obsessed with her sleeping habits...

Speaking of obsession -- just a video of her waking up.

Remember when I said that sister loves to dance?  Video proof.

Just more proof because I couldn't decide which one I liked more.

Quite possible my favorite video to date.
I love how when she finally wakes up at mark :38 seconds (patience, friends -- it takes a while) the first thing she does is raise her head and say "Ahpppft" in a whisper.

Our Saturday was spent running errands.  I was so pleased with her that we were able to hit 6 different locations before the cranks set in.

New weekend development?  "Uh-Oh..."

Of course, she said it repeatedly while I wasn't videoing -- but the minute that she hears that "beep" she no longer does what I want her to do.

Extreme closeup -- resulted from trying to take a photo of her in mid crawl.  I'm not fast enough.

We had our first pancakes this weekend.  The reviews were mixed.

We also had our first viewing of Charlie Brown's Christmas.  It was a big hit!

Munching on some apples. 

Look closely.  Finn is sitting right below Lucy.  Lucy decides that she doesn't want her grabbing her feet.  So she moves... 

See how far she moved? 2 inches...  She is going to have to wise up soon.

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