Friday, December 7, 2012

"C" is for cookie...

Okay, so my mom wasn't out this week or last.  These photos are technically two weeks old.  It may be annoying -- my rule, but we all know it (I don't like using week old photos, let alone two week old ones).  And yes, I realize that they are almost identical photos to the self-portrait ones in her 41-week update post.  Tough.  We have a computer issue at home.  We bought a new Mac and can't figure out how to put my photo editing program onto the new computer.  So we currently look really techy and have two computers set up on our desk.  I am still putting my photos on our old computer, but in seeing how great the new computer screen is -- I abhor putting the pictures onto the old matted screen & I'm also just lazy, knowing that I'm going to have to transfer the photos once the new computer is up and running.  We will be bringing the Mac to the Apple store this weekend, so hopefully I'll be back in business with my new computer next week.

Finn's second tooth has officially came through.  So we now have two teeth on the bottom.  She is no longer Finorah the Frightful and it's wonderful.  There is still a little disruption in her sleep, but that is due now more to gas than anything (which confuses the crap out of me).  Last weekend, E was away being the master of ceremonies for his old mentor's emeritus dinner (sounds super fancy, amirght?).  So the girls tried to find things to entertain ourselves.

Friday was pretty low-key, basically keeping to our normal routine: home, play, nap, eat, play, eat, bath, sleep.  Saturday was filled with LOTS of shopping and errand running.  We went to six, yes -- SIX different places in the span of 2.5 hours.  She was a very good girl and was awarded a toy from Target.  I finally had this super-duper great idea.  Why not make her enjoy her carseat by giving her a toy that stays in the car...  When she starts crying as you place her in her carseat, you throw this toy at her and she is quiet for a short time.  Huh?  Huh???  It only took me 42 weeks to figure that one out.  (Sidebar: I told E that I need to start reading textbooks again, so I can regain the brains that Finn stole from me.  His response:  "Regain? Ha!")  So, we all know how much I love B. Toys -- I thought it fitting to buy her car keys, since she always wants mine.  They are great because the actual keys feel almost identical to real keys and there are four noise buttons that keep her entertained.  Anywho, she was an angel and we spent way too much money on essentials and holiday gifts.

I didn't want to ruin the surprise (because technically it's a phone photo which belongs in a Monday post)...  But we got our first bad report card from daycare and it was quite hilarious.  I get a daily report from daycare when I pick her up each day, telling me when she ate and napped and so on.  Okay, I'll totally spill -- my poor girl is a thief...  A cookie thief...  I was told that they found her sitting underneath one of the play tables with an Oreo mustache chomping away on the stolen cookie!  It seems that she has gotten my sweet tooth.  Oy vey...

This is usually shared on Mondays, but I couldn't wait...

Forewarning...  As this blog's original purpose was serving as a time-capsule of sorts for Finorah -- next week there will be back-to-back posts that might be boring to everyone else.  Next week's going to our home invasion.  I'll be posting lots of photos of our house and what it looked like when she was born.  I am always intrigued to see baby photos of myself to see what was going on in the background with the house that I was born in.  Since I was born, that house has seen many, many renovations and many, many decorating-revamps.  I thought it nice to document our house so when we tell her stories about her infancy, she can imagine the rooms just as they were.  But being that I haven't taken some of the room photos, it will also document the festiveness of our house for her first Christmas.

Also, in the next week or two, there will be a holiday bombardment.  From an Xmas card reveil to holiday crafts to a secret surprise...  Merry Monkeyshines for all!!!!  (Totally just learned that word today -- monkeyshine = mischievous behaviors)

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