Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas to my 44-week angel!

  • Unscientifically, Finorah is weighing in at 21.6 pounds.  And she is 30 inches long.  I didn't think that her height and weight would change much in the two weeks.  
  • She is currently in size three diapers -- no change coming there.
  • We are in 12 month clothing.  We have quite the selection of separates there, so I don't think that we are going to run out of options.  I have found eBay to be quite affordable on name-brand separates.  And her dresser states as much.

  • We are still breastfeeding.  Less than two months left.
  • She is an amazing eater.  Daycare is now feeding her breakfast as well as lunch.  We are still bringing in our own fruit/veggie puree.  At home, she will have a snack and then eat whatever we eat for dinner as well as another 4oz of fruit/veggie puree.  I'm actively trying to increase her food intake to help the weaning process.
  • Finorah the Fast One is still maintaining speed, but also now getting into trouble.  The baby gates have went up right after our last update post about two weeks ago.  She likes to test their strength, by crawling up to the one going to the basement and shaking the ever-loving crap out of it.  It has held fast, as I expected -- then she would move on to something else that she shouldn't be into.
  • We still have only two teeth.  I quickly gabbed my finger in her mouth last weekend and really didn't feel anything.  But as mentioned, she doesn't like to have her gums massaged by my fingers at all, so my time in her mouth is very VERY brief.

  • She also is pulling herself up.  She can come to a standing position when she uses someone else's legs that are sitting on the floor with her.  But she can also use the bathtub.  Two weekends ago, I was filling her bath and she usually sits behind me, playing with her bath toys.  Next thing I know, she is standing right below me looking into the tub!!!!  I didn't see her pull herself up, but I sure as hell didn't help her stand up.  Her big thing to do now is to put her hands on the ground and stand up.  Her butt goes super high in the air and she basically looks like she is trying to touch her toes if she was standing up.  Then she loses balance and crashing down to the side.  It starts as downward dog and not is straight up, standing-bent-over-touching-her-toes.  Oh, man, this is happening all too fast...
  • She is still a big talker.  No words.  Just mimicking.  She seems to use "mama" with me a lot, but it's because that's the one that I make her say the majority of the time.  She also is now using "uh-oh" alot.  Sometimes the context is correct, but most times, it isn't.
  • And with all the talking has also brought an increase in volume.  Especially in the car.  When there are more than just E & I in the car and everyone is partaking in a conversation, she thinks that she needs to join in and will say something at the top of her lungs -- most times, "BABAABABABABA!"
  • She is also still a big dancer.  Music is her favorite.  She loves cards that open up and play music as well as the computer.  But the computer's videos are more visually stimulating to her than the music accompanied with them.  She will dance to the duck song, but most other songs from the computer (even if they are the same songs that we hear on the radio) will not get her dancing.

  • Our sleep cycle hasn't really changed.  She is still getting up, but as per the last update, the doctor stated that she needs that night feeding as she doesn't drink a lot at daycare.  I have come to the conclusion that she doesn't like drinking out of the bottle and prefers mommy's method of feeding.  I have had E try to give her a couple of oz in the morning and he said that she won't even drink it.  She will just play with the bottle.  I got a couple of ideas from a friend that I'm going to be trying after the holidays and will update you on our next four-week update.
  • She is now a big "bye-bye" waver.  It just spontaneous started a couple of days ago while we were leaving the daycare.  Now whenever I put her coat on her, she starts waving "bye-bye" because she knows that we are going somewhere.

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