Monday, December 10, 2012

A Week in the Life (v.5.2)

On Monday, I picked her up and we both looked like we just got out of jail.
E dressed her without knowing what I had put on for work that day.
And Munk -- well, he was just howling excited that we had unknowingly dressed the same.

Trying to get Finorah excited about being dressed alike was pretty difficult.

Hmmm, yogurt melt or maple wheel... Decisions, decisions...

We went to Joann's and had a fashion show in the headband section.

 Saturday we went out to eat at a big-people's restaurant.  We got there a little before 4pm and were told that we had to be out before 6pm.  She was a perfect angel the waitress said.

Saturday night was also the big night.
We met Santa for the first time!  Here she is patiently waiting in line.

The nerves started to get to her as we got closer.  She began chomping at the bit!

The only thing that I can think of when I see this photo is
"Here's Johnny!!!!" Only it should be "Here's Santa!!!" without the axe.

The excitement of seeing the big guy in the red suit.

So even E & I sat on Santa's lap -- photos later this week.
But E got a lollypop for being so good.  We decided to let her have a taste of peppermint. 

Hmmmm, this taste is called peppermint??? 
I'll take that lolly!

 Yummy peppermint!

By the time that we left the mall, lady had most of the lollipop gone.
Most enough to start to make Mommy nervous and we took it away from her.

She has a strange fascination with the rocking chair -- always getting directly underneath it. 

The rotating tree was entertainment.  As she would wait for the ornaments to go by within her reach and try to pull them down -- thereby stopping the tree and causing it to click.

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