Monday, December 31, 2012

A Week in the Life (v.5.5)

So, the blog was a little quiet.  With holiday prep, travel, and getting a stomach bug on Christmas Eve, there aren't very many iPhone photos from the last two weeks.

Coloring for the first time

This girl will even dance to a greeting card!  :)

SaraBeth came over to play

Someone found Mommy's shoes...  Look at the anticipation of playing dress up in all those shoes...

She got a cookie from daycare and wanted to share it with the kitty cat.

Instead, she smeared it all over her face.

At Grammy & Grampy's house, she played in the rocking chair that used to be mine.

She got really good at rocking back and forth.  No video evidence, but she was seriously rockin'.

And this is her new volume level.  ALL THE TIME...

Snuggling at Christmas...

She got her own rocking chair at Christmas.  Even though it is a little bigger than my old one, she LOVES it.

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