Monday, January 7, 2013

A Week in the Life (v.6.1)

Me & my lady on New Year's Eve -- rockin' to some oldies & gettin' messy...

E dressed her in a onesie that had ruffles on the rear and tucked the pants up underneath.
Ingenious -- and too adorable...

You are going to see a theme running through this week's videos -- Mama trying to get her to meow.
She started doing her version of a "meow" and I was trying all week to get it on video.
This video has a lot of squealing while petting the kitty cats, so volume-discretion is advised.

She may kill me for this later -- but these photos are too funny to not share...  Her hair is getting out of control in the morning.

 It is some seriously hard work to look this gorgeous in the morning...

Another video trying to get the Finn cat-call in.
Another "volume-discretion is advised" video...

Her initial reaction to my (annoying) "mau, mau" is what I've been trying to get and she still doesn't say it as loudly as she normally does.
You would think with it almost being 11 months and having a camera in her face since day one, she would be used to this by now...

Lady had her first chocolate chip cookie (Thanks to E's sister's house guests for the amazing bite-sized cookies!)

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