Monday, January 21, 2013

A Week in the Life (v.6.3)

Chompin' on some cheese and crackers

This is a small version of her happy dance when the water is running for her bath.
(Please ignore my "woo-woo", it seems to be my go-to phrase and even annoys myself when I hear it later on video.)

Of course now that her hair is long enough, there HAS to be a complimentary bath mohawk.

I just got a little carried away and gave you three instead of just once...

And the third and final mohawk.

During bath time, it's almost like a talk show (when she doesn't know that I have the camera on).  This is her interviewing her fish.

I tried to sneak up on her while she was by herself -- just to see what she was doing.

Karaoke night at the Murphy household.

 She sits in front of the basement stairs gate and shakes those suckers like she is a prisoner that wants to be let out.
 Playing on the floor in the kitchen

Saturday, we went to a sledding party (though there was no snow, so it just ended up being a party).
(Sidebar: On Saturday, I also downloaded a new camera app for my phone.  They are still phone photos, just hopefully better.)

By Saturday evening, she had developed a fever and spent a good chunk of Sunday crying, whining, and napping on me (she wouldn't nap by herself, which is lightbulb that she didn't feel well).

 After her car nap, we went thrifting in the 30 minute window of feeling good right after a nap.  Look at what we took home for her...

She was in love.  And was enthralled to be driving around the store while we shopped.

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