Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Finorah the Frightful

And so it begins again...  Sister HAS to be getting one of her upper chompers.  She has been Finorah the Frightful for the last two days.  We have no fever.  She was drooling like crazy last week.  And she is chewing on everything (including me while nursing).  I've snuck my finger in her mouth a couple of times in the last two days and think that I feel a bump on her upper left.  It should pop out within the next week or so if that is why she is being a bear lately.

The past couple of days, she has been very needy -- meaning I haven't gotten much done.  We get home from daycare and I can't put her down.  The minute I set her on the floor to take off my coat, the waterworks turn on.  Even though, I haven't moved out of her sight and am only a foot away from her, she will start screaming because I'm not holding her.  Same goes for potty breaks or anything else that I need to do that requires both hands in the first hour of being home.  And normally, she'll play by herself for a little bit before she looks up to make sure I'm still in the room.  Not lately -- there isn't any playing without Mama sitting down on the floor next to her.

She is also developing a hitting & pinching habit. She likes to pinch your face, your cheek, your neck.  And we aren't taking playful pinches (if there are such a thing) -- she swoops in and grabs a fistful of skin and twists like a snakebite or rakes her nails across your skin.  Her hitting is more of her arms flailing around and her connecting on some of the swings.  That isn't intentional -- but the pinching has to go.

She is going to be a hair petter like her mama.  I like to stroke my hair between my fingers.  It's smooth and soft and it calms me.  It's a nervous habit that I began when I was a teeny girl.  My mom could always tell when I was getting tired because I would start playing with the base of my ponytail.  She would have to put in a ponytail before I went to bed if I didn't have one in that day, so I could fall asleep with the base of my ponytail in my hand.  Well, Finn has a lamb that is fluffy on one like and smooth satin on the other.  She will rub the smooth side in between her fingers while she falls asleep.  She also likes to grab my hair and "pet" my hair.  Only her petting is more like pulling because she can't seem to realize that when you want the hair to slip between your fingers and you try to run the length of it, you should NOT grab onto the hair...

Finorah has started giving kisses this last week as well.  I don't get as many kisses as daddy does.  But maybe that's because I just steal them from her cheek and forehead whenever I want.  The Finorah-Kissing-Booth isn't open all the time.  This Mama can't wait until the Finorah-Hugging-Booth is open.

Speaking of hug-like-things, she does this new thing (which may totally be related to her teething, but I love it anyways) where when she wakes up from a nap, she doesn't want to get up completely.  She wants to snuggle for about 15-20 minutes after.  So I recline on the couch and she lays on my chest and we either watch TV or she will fall back asleep again.  She is definitely a snuggler, which I adore.

Her hair is starting to get a little bit longer in the back and she is getting little curls.  The top is still super fine and she refuses to let me try to put in little bows or headbands.  Last week, I got her distracted long enough to put on a headband that she got from her Uncle Cory, Aunt Mandy & Cousin Owen.  It stayed in her hair for at least an hour (until she had a blowout down below and the outfit had to change -- then off came the headband).  I continually try to put bows on her hair, but she needs to get used to my messing with it.  At some point, we are going to have to put in ponytails and pigtails.  Girl needs to get used to having her hair done early.

Photographic evidence that she is in the biting stages.  She actually went in for the kiss on Daddy's nose, but bit down really hard.  I didn't post the one where he was feeling the pain for her little teeth -- but his face was priceless.

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