Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy 48 weeks to my darling girl!

Holy crap!!!!  Only four weeks until her first birthday!  It's amazing to think that it's almost been a year.  They weren't kidding when they say that time speeds up when you have a child.  I'm flabbergasted that it's almost going on a year since the arrival of my little girl.

  • Unscientifically, Finorah is weighing in at 22.5 pounds.  And she is still 30 inches long.    
  • She is currently in size three diapers -- no change coming there, although the daycare stated that we needed to send in bigger diapers for her.  But I think that it's because there must be some daycare rule that the velcro sides need to meet in the middle for the diaper to be secure.  I personally don't know how they get those diapers on so tight, but I sure as hell can't get her to lay still long enough for me to get the side closures to meet in the middle.
  • We are in 12 month clothing.  Christmas was very kind to us -- both in gifts from family members (she got some seriously cute stuff there) and also in eBay thrifts.  In fact, I bought her two super cute swimsuits that I'm hoping to use at the local YMCA coming up in March.

  • We are still breastfeeding.  Less than one month left.  I have actually thought about stonecold quitting a couple of times this week.  I think that she may be getting a top chomper, because she bit me multiple times three days in a row this week.  She KNOWS that she shouldn't be doing it because my reaction is instantaneously and uncensored.  In fact, every single time, she ended up crying harder than I was because I scared her.
  • She is still a pretty good eater.  She definitely hasn't been amazing lately.  She is getting distracted and also starting to develop preferences to what she likes to eat and what she doesn't.  I'm still trying to feed her off our plates and adding in fruits or veggies that I feel she is missing.  We have discovered that she LOVES gnocchi last week.  She would have eaten my whole bowl if I would have let her.
  • Finn is, of course, still crawling all over the place.  She is a mighty fast one when she see one of the cats.  The dogs she doesn't really care about until Bishop has one of the dogs' stuffed animals.  Then Finorah is all up in her grill.  Bishop has been really great, letting her "steal" her animals.  I also try to take an active approach in teaching Finorah to be gentle.
  • We still have only two teeth.  As I mentioned above and in previous posts, I can only hope that the girl is going to break one of her top chompers soon.  I keep saying the upper left side feels different in the lightening quick time that I get in her mouth.
  • She is pulling herself up and that's her new favorite thing to do.  She isn't cruising yet, but anything that she can pull herself up on, she will.  She can now pull herself up by our pant legs when we are standing.  She loves when I sit on the ground to play with her or feed her, she starts grabbing the upper portion of my shirt and is standing in no time.  There is a big grin plastered on her face and she does her famous "double wink".  
  • The "Double Wink" is her face that she does when she is acknowledging that she is either happy or knows that she is too stinkin' cute.  She will smile and slowly close both eyes briefly and then  quickly squeezing them shut tight (and sometimes doing a head bob).
  • She is still a big talker.  She has her first context sounds (I don't think that "uh-oh" and "ow ow ow" are considered words).  "Uh-oh" comes out when she drops something, either unintentionally or throws it on the floor and expects you to pick it up.  "Ow ow ow" is her version of "meow meow meow".  It's always done in a high pitch soft voice, almost like she is trying to lure the cats with soft noises.  She will imitate whatever sounds that are currently in her vocabulary that you say (like "mama", "dada", "baba", etc...), but no new vocabulary sounds.
  • She is also still a big dancer.  Music is her favorite.  She will sit and swing her arms back and forth. I recently bought her a keyboard "Meowsic" and it sings songs, plays instrumental songs, and has a back beat to play keyboard to.  It also has a built in microphone that she loves to "sing" into -- like ALL THE TIME.

  • Our sleep cycle hasn't really changed.  She is still getting up.  This week she has been up at 4:30am and is up to play, talking and singing.  This morning showed that when she wakes in the middle of the night, I simply need to keep her in her room and put her back to sleep.  With all the distractions of Daddy, the kitties, the pups gone and alone with her and I in her room, she fell back asleep within 15 minutes.  I think that it's time that she only sleep in her crib.  (Insert mama sad face here because she is such a snuggler and I'll miss waking up with her right next to me, but I'm sure that Daddy won't miss the high kicks to his sides.)
  • She is a HUGE "bye-bye" waver.  The minute that anyone gets their coat or you bring her her outside coat or the minute that anyone (besides me, then she just screams) walks to the door, the hand comes up and the waving begins.  It's the cutest (as I'm sure all parents EVER have said).
  • She still doesn't like the carseat (at least in my car, Daddy's car is a different story because she can see out of the windows and the back).  She will scream and cry.  I'm not sure how to solve that one.

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