Monday, January 28, 2013

A Week in the Life (v.6.4)

Poor girl.  This is how we spent much of Sunday and Monday of last week.

 Her hair is long enough that the girl can have some seriously bad hair days.
You can tell that her teeth hurt her lately because her fingers are being chomped on constantly.

Her latest art project from daycare 
They said that they had a hard time getting her paw prints because she kept wanted to stick her hands in her mouth.  I was impressed because every time I've tried to get her print, she would curl her fingers.

We were early at nursery rhyme time.  We had the room all to ourselves.

She decided that gift cards were WAY better than library books.

Chillin' with Lucy in her crib

Poor Lucy has a long future of being pulled on.

 Taking a selfie

 Another artsy selfie

 Playing in the basement

Playing with Bishop and her ball

Big development this week?  The girl started cruising along furniture.

Lucy getting yanked on and Finn calling for her

Last night, she also started walking assisted.  We are limited to walking in the basement because the stroller goes WAY too fast on the hard wood for her to keep up.  Guess we are going to be spending a good chunk of time in the basement!
(Thanks Aunt Mandy for letting us borrow Cousin Owen's car!)

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