Friday, January 11, 2013

Nursery Rhyme 'Norah

So last night, we (Miss Finn & I) attended our first Nursery Rhyme Time at our local library.  I was hoping to use it as a jumping off board to meet moms that live in my little town.  There were four other babies there, but the only one that was just momma and baby was me and Finorah.  Three of the other babies were with both parents and one of the other babies was with her mom and older sister.  The "class" ended up only being 30 minutes long and it was obvious that most of the others had been there often.  They knew all the words to the nursery rhymes and surprisingly the only one that I knew was "Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around."  Finn is at the age where novelty is scary and she spent the majority of the 30 minutes feeling out the crazy old lady that was running the nursery rhymes and clapping like a basket case.  Our time was spent staring and not blinking (because if we blink, they might use that millisecond when our eyes are closed and attack us).  It's a weekly thing, so we will be going next week again.  I'm hopeful that as she adjusts to the room and the crazy basket case and as we see more of the same people there weekly, I'll make some new friends.

Also, in other news, we have another new word to add to the list "Ow ow ow" done in a whisper, which is her version of "meow".  This is said upon entering the house after daycare and seeing the kitties.  It's a riot, because she never says it -- always whispers.  And I think this is because when I get her to try to say it, my "Meow" is also two octaves too high.  She doesn't understand the concept of octaves yet, of course.  So we have our first word as "Uh-oh" and the second as "Ow ow ow".  Now I'm using the term "word" loosely, as of course, neither of those are words in the dictionary.  But she uses both frequently in the correct context, hence her first two words.

She is also now "answering her phone".  See photo above.  She will pick up her toy phone and hold it as such.  She doesn't quite realize that her ear is the listening device, but she sees that she is supposed to hold it by her head, only it's basically behind her head.  She'll put it up there and make an "aaah" noise (her version of hello, I'm sure).

We also got a blow-up rockin' cow from Auntie Anita for Xmas.  It's the perfect size for her.  Her feet touch the ground and she feels quite comfortable sitting on ole' Boss.  She doesn't quite rock, but likes that she is sitting up high (kind of like a turtle does).  She hasn't really fallen off yet -- or at least fallen hard.  She is very brave -- I will set her on Boss and she starts reaching for the ground while grabbing on to Boss' ear.  She always have to have something in at least one hand.  Above it is a drumstick that looks like it could pass for a riding whip.  We are beginning to run into that problem with the drumsticks -- trying to teach her what is okay to hit with the sticks (i.e. drum sets) and what is not okay (i.e. the dogs' snouts).

For some reason, I'm particularly fond of this photo.  Poor ole' Boss doesn't know what she has comin'.

Also, apologies for the non-stellar photos this week.  I'm just starting to hit my stride after the holidays, but had to snap these quickly last night so I would have something to go along with this post.  It was later in the winter afternoon and I was too lazy to drag her out into the other room (also, I didn't want you to see that I still have my Christmas tree up with no ornaments on it -- it's a process).  The new year can only go up from here, amiright?

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