Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Week in the Life (v.2014.5)

Sister showing how big she has gotten in two years...

 Finn at 3 days old

Sporting a fluffy bear snowsuit.

 Dreaming fluffy dreams...

Daddy took Finn to McDonalds one afternoon -- someone was excited!

My winter jacket that I wore through both of my pregnancies (which wasn't a maternity coat, but was empire waisted) has finally seen it's final days.  The button popped off in a snowy parking lot and I couldn't find it again.  But that button had been strained through two full winters of pregnant belly.  Time to retire it...

 Sweet sleeping boy

Sweet dreams

Lady in Red...  (and sweet old Bishop -- God rest her soul...)

Sharp dressed man

Blowing sleepy bubbles

"Feeding the puppy" with popcorn

Happy Valentine's Day!  Someone looked fabulous for their Valentine's party!

Someone had too much family time (my parents and brother's family were here) and WAY too much birthday on Sunday...

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