Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Big #2! Happy birthday to my sweet little girl...

 She looks like such a big girl nowadays...  I asked her this morning "Please don't get any bigger on Mama..." -- she agreed.  If only I could save time in a bottle...  And I thought that I looked a little thinner two weeks postpartum -- but photographs don't lie...
  • Unscientifically, Finorah is weighing in at  27 lbs! She is now able to get on the scale herself and the scale registers her weight.  And she is 34 inches tall.  Seriously, girl -- just stop...
  • She is in size four diapers and she is still in 2T bottoms and 18-24 month tops (with some tops also being 2T).  We stopped wearing onesies back at 18 months because she had moved into the "big girl room" (i.e. the toddler room) and they don't allow onesies in that room.
  • She is still a phenomenal eater!  She is a little less willing to try new things, but still does most times (especially if she sees that I'm eating it).  When I ask her what she wants for dinner 9 times out of 10, she says "pizza!", and the one other time is "french fries!"  True 2-year-old!  Her favorites right now include fruit snacks, noodles with red sauce, mac 'n cheese, chicken breast with BBQ, American cheese and yogurt.
  • She is definitely an active little girl.  She is a jumper!  She jumps all over the place.  Our new activity is "Ring around the rosy".  She started that one about three weeks ago.  I know this, but she asked to do for the first time while I was enormously pregnant with Fish and I could barely bend over to hold both of her hands, let alone "fall down"!
  • We still have 12 teeth with a gap between the top two front teeth (which I think is adorable).  We haven't started getting her 2 year molars yet -- but she was always a little behind on the times on getting teeth.  I'm sure that she will start them within the next month or two -- oh, joy!  She is usually pretty miserable when she is getting teeth in.
  • She is also a HUGE talker!  She can say complete sentences and can carry on quite the conversation.  She doesn't repeat everything that you say, but will repeat some words (i.e. we still are able to swear in our house without her repeating the curse words -- but I'm sure that time is limited).

  • She is also a HUGE singer!  Her current favorite songs are "Twinkle, twinkle little star", "I love you, You love me" and of course, "Ring around the rosy".  She still sings her ABCs, but not as frequently as before.
  • She can now count up to 14 -- E said that he has heard her count up to 18.  She is good at counting items -- though sometimes, she will get carried away with counting and continue to count even after the items have already been counted.
  • I can now officially say that she is sleeping in her bed.  At her 18 month update, she was starting in our room and then we were moving her over to her crib.  Probably around 20 months, I started putting her in her crib initially at night.  She would get up in the middle of the night quite frequently and E would be in charge of going into her room.  It would consist of him walking into her room and telling her that Mommy was sleeping (she would call our for me).  She would lay right back down in her crib and go back to sleep.  She still occasionally gets up in the middle of the night, but it is becoming more and more infrequent (which is good as I'm up quite a few times with Big Fish).  Our bedtime routine consists of us filling the two humidifiers that we have upstairs, getting on our jammies, she turns on the humidifier and her sound machine.  And then we say good night to the lamp (in which she turns off the light switch in her room).  I sit with her until she falls asleep -- most times I sing "Moon River" to her a couple of times.  I know that I probably don't have to sit with her until she falls asleep, but it's something that I enjoy doing.  (I haven't figure out how to continue that routine with Fish yet -- it's the humidifiers and jammies that I haven't figure out yet, as I can't fill the humidifiers if I have a baby in my arms).
 My family was out for her birthday.  She got to spend 3.5 days with her cousin Owen (who is only five months older than her).  They got along smashingly (most of the time).  But we also had some 2-year-old tantrums going on at points during the weekend!

Someone is IN LOVE with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so when Mimi bought these cake toppers -- they were perfect!

Telling everyone how old she is...

Singing happy birthday

Munky was helping her open up her gifts...

Granny Murphy gave her another kitty-kat hat and a fur cape.  They were a BIG hit!

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