Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Iowan Invasion

My family came out last weekend for their inaugural visit to meet Fish.  They came out during his two week birthday, which happened to be the same weekend they visited for Finn when she was first born as well.  But this time, they also got to help celebrate Finn's second birthday (as her birthday is two weeks and a day after Fish's).  It was like hitting two birds with one stone!

Finn is always excited when Papa and Mimi come for a visit, as she knows that she is going to get A LOT of attention.  Papa & Mimi's visit was a little different this time as my brother, my sister-in-law and my nephew also joined them.  Cory, Mandy, & Owen also came out when Finn was celebrating her two week birthday.  But Owen was just five months old then and Finn couldn't care less if Mimi was preoccupied with Owen.  This time around, sh*t was different...

This time, Finn had to share her time with Owen AND Fish as well as Munk.  Munk was in a funk that weekend as Bishop also passed away about 20 minutes after my family arrived.  Finn did good for most of the weekend, but there was quite a bit of scolding as she didn't want to share (either Mimi or her toys).

But there was also great times of playing.  And there was also LOTS of times where Finn would run into the room as say "Where's Owen?" and then run out when she realized that he wasn't in the room.

"Ring Around the Rosy" was a big hit that weekend as well.  Finn had just started asking to play "Ring Around the Rosy".  The first time that she asked me to play with her I was 39 weeks pregnant and I complied.  I walked in the circle with her, but I did NOT fall down.  I knew that if I fell down, I wouldn't be getting up!

Papa, Mimi, Uncle Cory, Daddy, & Owen all complied to her requests to run around in a circle and sing and then fall down. 

There was also quite a few episodes of rough housing, including a dog-pile on Papa that had both grandkids in fits of laughter.

Mandy is also pregnant with their second baby.  They recently found out it was a boy!  And just as luck would have it, Owen and Finn are only five months apart (with Owen being older) and Fish is going to only be five months older than Baby #2 based on Mandy's due date (of July 1st).

Someone got a purse from Aunt Mandy & Uncle Cory for her birthday, that included sunglasses.  It was a huge hit.  (The rest of the photos are courtesy of Mandy -- as I had my hands full with a stroller at the Aquarium.)

We also took the day on Monday and went to the Cleveland Aquarium.  Mimi, Finn & I had went back in October during one of Mimi's visits.  I was surprised when Finn realized exactly where we were when we first arrived.  Papa was holding her as we paid for our tickets and once she saw the first tank of fish 9which was at eye level for her -- she took off, shouting "Fishies!"

Please don't let this photo fool you -- this was AS CLOSE as she got to touching the tortoises.  She got brave and stuck her hand in ONCE.  And then that darn tortoise moved and she was OVER IT and refused to even stick her head through the fence.  Owen, of course, had no fear and was all over touching them.

Again, don't let this photo fool you.  She was more excited to splash in the water than trying to touch the stingrays.

Partners in Crime!

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