Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our first solo flight

Last Friday, someone wasn't happy to go to daycare...

But that night, she made dinner -- little pizzas.  For realz!  She is such a great chef!

Baby Fish trying out the Moby -- Finn loved it when she was little.  He has his moments where he loves it and falls asleep, but there are times where he just isn't into it...

Napping with Stella

This is where our solo journey begins -- with me and my babes snuggling on the sofa.

Who says you can't have a warm cinnamon roll in the middle of the afternoon?

First night is a success!  Finn slept in her crib -- only waking up once at 2:30am with perfect timing as Fish wasn't awake at that point.  She went back down easily enough...

Fish was up his usual times, but wasn't very difficult (i.e. awake and crying due to gas).

But he WAS awake at 6am that morning -- bright eyed and bushy tailed.

While I caught up on the morning news, he caught up on the morning rays.  He loves looking out the window as the sky begins to lighten for the day.

The beautiful princess woke up at 7:30am.

Simply gorgeous!

Multi-tasking -- carrying her baby and her purse while talking on the phone.
I'm trying my best to relish in the chaos that becomes my floors.  It's pretty difficult to NOT want to pick it up immediately upon her moving on to something else.  But if she sees me picking it up, the SASS comes out and she decides that she wasn't done playing with it.

Big Fish is getting TOO BIG for his britches.  He is stretching past the 0-3 sleepers already!!!!!!!  He is just TOO LONG.  I'm going to have to move him into onesies and pants as he is truly 0-3 month size.  I think 3-6 month would be falling off of him...

Calling Daddy on her phone.

Little Miss Two-Year-Old

Little Miss Show-Off

Not so quietly playing with stickers (i.e. those free return-address mailing labels that all those places send you) while I try to make dinner

Trying my best to figure this two kids thing out...  Fish wrapped in the Moby while I cook.

Kiss Me I'm Irish!!!
Eating dinner of noodles and red sauce and homemade canned peaches.

I tried to tire her out later that evening by getting out the bubble machine...

As you can see, she was more than rambunctious to catch those bubbles.

It's difficult trying to explain death to a 2-year-old -- so I told her that Bishop went to a friend's house (Kelly, our old dog who passed away a couple of years ago) and that she wouldn't be coming back as she was having too much fun with Kelly.  I had cried earlier in the evening about Bishop and so Finn went on a Bishop at Kelly's house kick about 30 minutes later.

We ended the evening with a small snack of M&Ms, which proceeded to get mostly on her face.

The night was mostly -- a success!  Finn slept through the whole night, but Fish was up from 1:30 -- 3:00 with gas and was crying and uncomfortable.

Someone decided that she needed to be in the Moses Basket...

Our final solo dinner -- BBQ chicken (one of Finn's favorites) and corn

It took Finn five weeks to finally like the Mamaroo -- Big Fish took to it immediately (but only when he is sleepy)!

Cheers (Mommy with wine and Finn with milk) to making it through our first solo flight!!!

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