Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Arrival of the Big Fish

Our Big Fish arrived late in the night on Saturday (2.1.14) at 11:28pm.  He weighed 9lb 6oz and was 21.25inches long.  I'm in the process of writing up his birth story and hope to have it finished soon.  For now, enjoy our phone photos of the experience.

Kind of an oldie.  When Daddy told Finn while walking into daycare that "We don't bite."  This was the face that she gave him.  Apparently, she's got a taste for blood.

Fish's first photo.

 These next three photos are funny. Because they were taken about an hour after he was born.  E kept telling me that Fish was going to be an ugly kid because he looked so much like a wrinkly old man.

I said that all babies were swollen when they come out and that he will look normal in a day or so.

I got a repetition of "He isn't going to be a cute kid."

Tired Daddy.

By the morning, some of the swelling started go down and I think that E had changed his tune by then.

This is Finn meeting Fish for the first time...

Big Sister was taking photos while she met Fish for the first time.

After spending three hours with us in the hospital, the poor girl was exhausted.

Fish on discharge day.

Granny and Big Fish

After we all got settled in back at home, Baby Brother decided to share his blanket with Finn.

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