Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Chilly Week in the Life (v.2014.1)

Our friend SaraBeth came over for a Hawkeye football bowl visit (while back for the holidays).  We miss her very much and can't wait for her next visit.

No longer the baby...  Now she is a little girl...  The first pony tail made it official...

Uncle Cory, Aunt Mandy, & Cousin Owen gave Finn a basket full of fruit for her new kitchen from Christmas.  The best thing?  The fruit is velcro'ed together and there were plastic knives.  So now, lady gets to prep fruits and veggies just like mom!!!  (They also gave her the killer apron you see hanging in the back which she adores -- the chef hat, not so much.)

Just like everyone else, we had some well below zero temps.  Finn decided to play coy when I was trying to get a photo of how cute she looked with her kitty-cat hat on and the fuzzy hood.

Daddy got a great photo of her new "cheese" face.  I love this little lady!

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  1. in that hat so so looks like kristin at that age. i think there is a pic of kristin with a hat just like that. with her bottom teeth showing.