Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Update... with a very pregnant mama...

  • I had my 38 week doctor's appointment on Friday afternoon.  But basically no change from the status quo.  I don't have my doctor check me (as knowledge is a very dangerous thing sometimes -- meaning it would lead to a very impatient and quite possibly irrational pregnant lady) and I'm not having any signs of impending labor.  My next appointment (39 weeks) is this Friday afternoon.
  • My doctor did tell me that Fish is going to be a large baby.  He said that I wasn't measuring overly large, not large enough to have an ultrasound.  He said that he would only order an ultrasound if it was going to change the management of my care which is only usually done on a baby that is thought to be over 5,000 grams (an 11 pounder) or a mother with gestational diabetes.  He said that ordering the ultrasound could lead to a primary C-section, which I immediately said no to (and he agreed).  He also told me that I was going to have to do a lot more pushing with this one (Finn came out in four pushes).  I shouldn't complain as there are women who push for hours (not minutes), but the "big-baby" talk, although not new information, began to make me pretty nervous about birthing this baby...
  • Friday night was girls'-night-in complete with carry-out pizza as E went out after work.  He was home by 9pm, but I was so exhausted by the time that he came home.  I fell asleep almost immediately, but was awoken at 1am, not feeling well at all (my verdict was too much pizza) and was awake until about 4am.  And of course, my pups had to wake me at 6:45am to go outside.  Saturday was a rough day. E worked around the house for the entire weekend, getting things done in prep for the families to come within the next week or two.  I was able to get out alone and get my new phone (which I needed as my old phone wouldn't shut off and the battery was draining all the time) and I stocked up on extras in preparation for Fish's arrival.  I was knackered by bedtime (which isn't out of the norm).
  • Sunday I scrubbed the kitchen floor, in hopes of getting Fish in the right position for delivery (he has been head-down for the past two months but of course, he still rotates around, but with my anterior placenta, I'm concerned about a posterior baby and a large posterior baby at that.  So the longer that he can stay in the left-occiput-anterior position, the better I'll feel).  It worked (at least for now).  I did this with all our tile/hardwood floors before Finorah was born and that's my goal this time as well, one room at a time.

Pay close attention after the 10 second mark.
This is my belly.  This is my belly on Fish.  Any questions?
  • The video above is minimal movement.  When he is most active, these movements are multiplied by at least three.  And I am not moving in the least (I tried to breath through my rib cage to steady my belly -- you can see my breathes above my stomach before he starts moving).  Quite often when he is moving, I feel like I have a some little animal trying to claw his way out.  There have been a couple of jabs and kicks that I couldn't believe didn't bruise me.
 He has dropped down...  A lot.
  • Very very brief update...  Tonight (Tuesday night) has been interesting...  Been having regular Braxton Hicks contractions for the past 3 hours.  My system cleaned itself out as well earlier this evening.  I have decided that I'm really NOT ready for this baby to come.  Hopefully things will quiet as I sit on the sofa and relax in a quiet house (E took Finn over to the neighbors so that I could have a break)...

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