Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The oven hasn't shut off...

Still baking at 38 weeks 6 days

Just a very brief update... There was no baby last night nor today.  I'm currently at work and feeling a lot better than last night.  I continued to have Braxton Hicks contractions for over 6 hours.  They weren't painful in the least and I didn't notice when they would start or stop, just if I moved in a certain way, I would realize that I was having one.  I also woke at 11pm and had the chills (complete with goosebumps, which is the opposite of how I have been this entire pregnancy) and some severe nausea.

Finn was also a monster but I think that she ordered the same thing on the menu and was having the same symptoms that I was.  I think that we had a short little stomach bug as I'm feeling quite normal again last night and Finn also exhibited a symptom or two that I was having last night (and we all KNOW that there is absolutely NO baby in her belly -- though she will try to tell me that there is sometimes).  Still having the occasional Braxton Hicks, but nothing compared to the every 10 minutes or so last night.


  1. Hello It's Mrs. Laura
    I just wanted to say hello and glad to see Finorah getting so big. I miss seeing her.

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