Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The oven hasn't shut off...

Still baking at 38 weeks 6 days

Just a very brief update... There was no baby last night nor today.  I'm currently at work and feeling a lot better than last night.  I continued to have Braxton Hicks contractions for over 6 hours.  They weren't painful in the least and I didn't notice when they would start or stop, just if I moved in a certain way, I would realize that I was having one.  I also woke at 11pm and had the chills (complete with goosebumps, which is the opposite of how I have been this entire pregnancy) and some severe nausea.

Finn was also a monster but I think that she ordered the same thing on the menu and was having the same symptoms that I was.  I think that we had a short little stomach bug as I'm feeling quite normal again last night and Finn also exhibited a symptom or two that I was having last night (and we all KNOW that there is absolutely NO baby in her belly -- though she will try to tell me that there is sometimes).  Still having the occasional Braxton Hicks, but nothing compared to the every 10 minutes or so last night.

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  1. Hello It's Mrs. Laura
    I just wanted to say hello and glad to see Finorah getting so big. I miss seeing her.