Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gone fishin' at 39 weeks

The belly is large enough to not be fully covered by my maternity shirts most times now...

D-Day is less than five days away as I sit and write this (on Saturday).  Thursday is the due date, but I'm secretly aiming for the following Sunday (2.2.14).

Tuesday's event were a little eye-opening, but I think a necessary evil.  I definitely wasn't mentally ready for him to arrive on Tuesday (no one in our household was).  But I think the little wake-up-call proved that he was going to be coming and we needed to be ready.  I am as ready as I'm ever going to be now.

I had been dreading labor with this one and really hadn't done anything with regards as to how I'm going to handle the contractions.  I've done a little refresher course via the "googles" and feel better prepared and more knowledgeable of how to better handle it.  Last time, it went too quickly for me to be able to mentally handle it.  This time, I've got some mental tactics that I think should get me through.

I was amazed at how much lower Fish is than Finn was.  But I guess with weak stomach muscles, the second pregnancy is always lower.  I was also surprised at how small I am compared to what I think I look like compared to last time.

And now the Fishin' updates:

The full frontal -- I'm all baby...  With a couple of extra pounds in the trunk for balancing purposes...

  • Nothing has happened since Tuesday.  With Finorah experiencing the same gastrointestinal issues the next morning, I really think that it was a minor bug.  And that the Braxton Hicks contractions were coming regularly because I was just dehydrated.  I was so nauseous that evening, that I tried to drink some water, but didn't want to see it come up a couple of minutes later -- so I didn't drink, like I should have initially.
  • Eain's mother arrived on Thursday and is set to stay until Fish's arrival.  I've very grateful for her being here and now don't have to worry about what to do with Finorah in the middle of the night should we need to head to the hospital.
  • I had my 39 week doctor's appointment on Friday.  I no longer fear the 10 pound baby.  I am actually measuring right at 39.5 weeks (only a couple of days ahead of schedule).  I know that I can deliver a 8.5-9 pound baby naturally, so although he is going to be a big baby, I have no fear that he is going to be too big.
  • This whole pregnancy, I have thought that I was deliver him on February 2nd (it was the date that I originally calculated as my due date and I mentally stuck with it despite what the ultrasounds said).  My doctor told me that if I wanted to hold out until February 2nd, he wouldn't be opposed to it.  And my mouth dropped open and I asked him why...  The next time that he is on-call is February 2nd!  Talk about fate!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We'll see if we are going to be 2 for 2 in having my own doctor deliver both of my babies... Also, next week is supposed to be bitterly cold -- like the coldest it's been this year here in CLE (the low for Monday & Tuesday -4 without wind chill).  So it would be really wonderful if he could NOT arrive during that time because who wants to bring a newborn out in sub-zero temps -- no person in their right mind.
  • My next appointment with my doctor is on Thursday, my actual due date.  I told him that hopefully I would see him then.
  • I think that we are finally in agreement on his name.  There is still a little controversy about the spelling.  Last night, we added a second middle name and I think that I'm finally happy and content with his name.  Talk about waiting until the last minute!
  • Physically, I actually am feeling pretty good.  Wednesday, I felt amazing -- like second - trimester amazing.  That was pretty scary, because I know that's a sign that labor is imminent.  But nothing has happened and I am now feeling back to my usual third - trimester self.  No back pain. No muscle aches.  No heartburn.  I have quite a bit of constant cervical pressure.  My pubic ligament is on the fritz -- some days, it doesn't hurt at all, other days, it feels like my crotch is burning or being pulled apart if I move the wrong way.  I still get breathless easily (in fact, I really can't have an excited conversation without having to stop and catch my breath).  Lots of movement (still).

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