Monday, January 13, 2014

A Week in the Life (v.2014.2)

As he left for Ireland, Daddy left us a parting surprise when we got home on Friday evening.  He left a nice note with flowers for me and a balloon for Finn.  He had to place them on a shelf high up to save them from destruction via the cats.

While pulling the balloon down, I realized there was a sucker on the end of the balloon.  Holy crap -- someone was excited!!!

This is what our Saturday morning looked like.  Breakfast sausage and Mickey Mouse on the iPad for Finn and raisin bran for Mama.  You can also see a good shot of her Xmas present in the background.  Best money we EVER spent... 

Saturday afternoon saw Finn trying desperately to play with Munk.  Here she is trying to stick the ball in his mouth to play with him. 

Lots of screams and squeals when he actually took it. 

Huh?  You want me to do WHAT with her?!?!  Play with her?!?!?  But she doesn't throw the ball very well.  She throws it at my face EVERYTIME...  Come on, Ma.....  Please don't make me play with her.... 

Someone chose her outfit on Saturday.  Thankfully, Saturday's temps were conducive with a skirt (that and we didn't go outside for a single minute -- I did to let the pups out, but she didn't). 

Sunday evening, we went over to the neighbors' for dinner.  Before going over and while I was out with the dogs, someone put on her shoes ALL BY HERSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And the correct way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Girlfriend didn't have any socks on, but I just couldn't take them off -- I was so proud. 

Totally rockin' her first "I-put-my-shoes-on-by-myself" photo...

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