Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gone fishin' at 38 weeks (& an update on Finn the Ferocious)

Goin' racy this week with a tank top and swimsuit bottoms...
But I thought it was the only way that you could really get the idea of how HUGE this belly was.

Alright, alright, alright...  Sitting at 38 weeks now (38 weeks and 2 days actually).  Two weeks closer to D-Day (the 30th).

E returned from Ireland on Tuesday.  His trip was a whirlwind with two complete days being travel and two days being spent with his family over there.  He was originally scheduled to return on Wednesday, but due to full flights (he was flying stand-by), it was either return on Tuesday or on Thursday.  He chose Tuesday to make sure to be home with me in case Fish made an early appearance (and I can't really complain about it because I was overly relieved at his returning a day earlier).

His trip away was without incident -- except...  On Monday at daycare, Finn bit two people for no reason and was randomly pushing kids down.  Now Finn sticks up for herself if someone is taking her toys away, but she is never usually the instigator of these random acts of violence, so it was out of character for her.  The lady at daycare said that older siblings usually start acting out before the younger sibling arrives because they know something is going on.  And I was told that I needed to have "a talk" with her about not biting.  My mental response was "You want me to rationalize this with an almost two-year-old?  Oh, okay...."  But as I left the daycare with Finn in tow, I asked her if she bit her friend that day and she said "Uh, hmmmm" (which her response for everything is always "no" or "nope").  And so I started talking to her about how biting is not nice and when she is frustrated she needs to use her words.  I wasn't trying to yell at her or chastise her, because that brings immediately tears and shuts down her listening to me at all.  Besides, I'm sure they did enough chastising her at daycare that day after the two incidents.  I  was trying to make her realize why biting was bad and that she shouldn't do it.  We had the same talk the following morning on the way into daycare.  And you know what?  I'm shocked to say that it worked!

Now it may have been that Monday she was overly tired, out of her routine and that it was fluke.  But hell if I'm not going to use the same approach the next time something like this happens!  Maybe I'm not giving her enough credit on understanding things.  I've never been one to baby-talk with her.  I may have talked in a higher pitched voice, but always used the proper words and tried to communicate with her in complete sentences.  Maybe that's starting to pay off in her understanding more complex thoughts -- she is also getting bigger and probably doing things as she should at this age.  On Tuesday morning, I asked her "Do you know who is coming home today?"  And she immediately responded with "Daddy!"  Girlfriend is smart.  It's just hard for me to not see her a little baby anymore.  Baby girl is growing up...

Baby girl was also a handful while E was away.  After his arrival back home on Tuesday evening, it amazed me how 5-10 minutes away from her was all I needed for a mental reset bring my patience back to status quo.  Girlfriend is mentally and physically exhausting for me right now.  On Monday morning, I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, thinking that I could conquer the world as a single-mother if need be (or at least survive until Thursday if E decided to come back a day later).  Ha!  Then Finn woke up...  By the time that I got us in the car and headed to daycare (a mere 30-45 minutes later), I was exhausted.

As for Fish, we are still sitting at status quo...

  • Nothing has really changed in the last week in regards to his movements (which are hourly and uncomfortable).  I've taken to actually pushing his foot back in when he sticks it out of my side.  
  • There are some days where I think that he has dropped down, but then I get winded trying to have a simple conversation.  This week, I have seen a very big increase in cervical pressure as well.  It's not constant and occurs most frequently when I'm walking, but will occasionally happen while sitting down.
  • My temperature has also seemed to have risen in the past couple of days.  I'm constantly hot.  I sleep on top of the covers while E is buried underneath them (which is actually a role reversal).  
  • The Braxton Hicks contractions are intensifying.  I can feel them happening more frequently than before and they seem to be stronger and last longer, but they are still only really happening when I get up from sitting for a while or after some physical exertion.
  • My maternity clothes are beginning to get tight.  As my belly expands, the clothes that I have normally been comfortable in are starting to get a little too snug for my swollen body.  I haven't worn the compression tights that I worn quite often when I was pregnant with Finn.  I remember them being a challenge to get into during her pregnancy -- I don't think that I would even be able to pull them all the way up at this time.
  • Speaking of swollen, the edema is starting to set in.  I have taken off my engagement ring as well as my first ring from Eain.  The only thing that still continues to fit on my finger is my wedding ring which was a half size too big before the pregnancy.  Now it leaves a nice little divot around my finger when I take it off.  And the sock lines -- oh, my!
  • Also speaking of swollen, this week has been the official week that I can no longer comfortably cross my legs when I'm sitting down.  In order to achieve that, I have to lean all the way to one-side and practically throw my leg up over my knee (while guiding it with my hand).  Too much work.

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