Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Week in the Life (v.2014.20)

These should probably be re-named "A Month in the Life" as the first photos were taken on July 20th -- almost a month ago.

 Looks just like his daddy here.  Ha!

Fish started sitting up while we were in Iowa, but he is a sitting semi-pro now.

These are the big guys that rule our neighborhood.  (I'll have you know I'm standing in a stranger's yard to get close enough to get this video.)

This photo was taken after an EPIC meltdown in a restaurant (her first) earlier in the evening.  But she had peed in the pot at the restaurant and was promised an ice cream cone for it.

High chair sitting now for meals!

Sister's view of the world

And a sister selfie!

Red fish, blue fish = happy Fish!

This is his "I'm-going-in-for-the-kill" face...

And the phone was his prey...

My babies

This is a more current photo of Fish & his rolls

Fish lately

I planted two tomato plants & five pepper plants.  Starting to see some promise!

Recent favorite photo

 Can't believe that we are back here again -- already!

I had a birthday earlier this week and we realized that both Fish & Finn have half birthdays around my actual birthday.  So Finn got pancakes with a candle for breakfast.

Hence the birthday cake...

My mom was the sweetest and sent flowers to the house from the kids.  The card reads "Happy birthday, mom.  Love Finny & Fish"

My handsome man

The poor girl has been quite clumsy lately and is now sporting four bandaids -- two for each knee as the scraps were too big for a single bandaid

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