Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cabin fever

Alright, after this post, I'll be officially caught up to this week.  Lots of summer traveling (and although we are heading upstate again this weekend and I know that I'll have more photos, I'm hopeful it won't be 30+ photos like this post).

Two weeks ago, E's sister's family visited.  Sister stayed with her middle daughter Neave for the week and then we met E's entire family up in their summer house in the Catskill Mountains.  While packing the car to head on the 7 hour drive, a falcon landed in our trees.  I was able to get pretty close to it.  Gorge.

Leurenkill (the upstate "community" that E's family owns a cabin in) is complete with a pool.  To say that E was excited to go swimming with Finn was quite the understatement.  She took to the pool like a little fish.  Her lifevest was a swim suit that had floatation devices sewn in them.  We nicknamed them her Bricks because they are basically yoga bricks.  The suit was still a little too big, but it did it's job and didn't fall off.  Win!

Favorite photo of the weekend!

After playing in the pool all afternoon, E took Fish up to show him off for the ladies.  I spiffed him up and he was a huge hit (of course)!  While E took Fish up to the pool, Finn stayed and painted with the girls. She loved being our her cousins all weekend.

The girls also gave Finn some of the dress-up clothes that have gotten too small for them.  The funny thing is that dress that Finn is photographed in was one that I gave them for Christmas a couple of years ago.   And they also gave us a lot of books -- even the one that is pictured in the photo below.


This is how Fish spent a good chunk of the weekend.

And the weekend was completed with one more trip to the pool, a great family dinner with close friends that we don't get to see often enough, and campfire smores.

Munk got his own little swimming done (in a little dam), but he was upset that he was chained to the outside of the pool and not allowed in.  He was so upset that he refused to look at the camera.

 Our close friends have a little boy who is three months younger than Finn.  They had a great time together and we are looking into betrothal contracts.  Ha!
Munky the beggar

My camera has amazing ISO range.  The campfire photos were done in almost complete darkness.  My only complaint was the auto-focusing -- it was almost too dark for me to manual focus as I couldn't see.

Her first Smore became quite the mess -- be sure to note the marshmallow that is stuck to her sweatshirt.

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