Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Week in the Life (v.2014.21)

Dinner time!

Playing with our spoon

My sleeping babes

Ordinary afternoon

Just call me Spike!

And call me Princess

We're goin' to Kentucky, we're goin' to the fair...  To see the senoritas with flowers in their hair!

Quite the noise maker!

And music maker!

Learning what sounds each letter makes

An evening walk -- we were blessed with a couple of cooler days (now it's sweltering and our AC's broke).  Can't wait for autumn!

She just learned how to skip!

Up close and personal with Fish

Rockin' some shoes!

Our local church had a festival and Finn got to ride on her first pony!  It's name was Midnight and she loved the purple saddle!

Riding Midnight

We also played in their little kid play area for a while.  Sister was learning that having a brother isn't so bad -- at least when it comes to teeter-totters.

Fish definitely felt like a big boy!

"Daddy!  Daddy!  Look at me!  Look at me!"

Getting pretty good at standing!

Moving and grooving to the music.

We also had our first funnel cake.

She rode on the Rocket with Daddy.  Such a big girl.

Coming back from their ride on the Rocket which goes around town.

Last weekend, she gave up her binkies.  The Binky Fairy came and took them all to give them to all the little baby girls that needed them.  She even signed her name.

The magic words were "Binkies for babies" three times.  And we put them in the mail box so that the Binky Fairy could find them.  And now that she is a big girl (and not a baby anymore) we are enrolling her in gymnastics class next week!

We had dinner with one of E's co-workers and they have a son that was born two weeks after Brother.

Their oldest was a girl who was five and she was doing gymnastics all night.  Finn was really impressed and now really wants to go to gymnastics class.  She was tumbling and trying to do handstands all the next day.

We hit up Toys 'R Us the next morning because she got to get a "big girl" present from the Binky Fairy.

Fish wasn't impressed.

An ordinary morning -- this is how he sleeps.

Big smiles in the morning.

He is really grabby now.  And funny, too!

We went to dinner with another friend of E's later in the week.  She got to wear a pretty dress!

Taken from our sidewalk -- this is our King of the Forest.

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