Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stream of Consciousness: The Summer Edition

  •   As you can see by the photo, we have moved Finn into a "big girl bed".  She was very excited about it.  Being that she is fully potty trained during the day (nap included now), the next step is getting her out of diapers for the entire night.  She hasn't quite realized the power that she has now of getting out of bed in the middle of the night to sneak into our room.  But it's only a matter of time.
  • Along with getting a "big girl" bed, the bink fairy is coming tomorrow evening.  Heaven help me!  We have been talking about the bink fairy for the past month or so.  She was totally okay with the idea of giving all her binks to a fairy that will distribute them among baby girls that need them more.  Until push came to shove!  And now she proclaims that she isn't a big girl anymore, that she is a baby and that she doesn't want to give her binks away.  So if you hear wailing on Saturday coming for the direction of Ohio, it's just my kid screaming for her bink.  I'm stocking up on cases of wine...
  •  This kid.  Too big for his britches (quite literally).  I am going to save a lot of update information on him as Saturday is his 28 week update, but I can't get enough of this kid.
  •  And this kid can't get enough of me!  He has a serious case of separation anxiety.  It only occurs when he sees me go.  If he is distracted by something else, he's fine until he realizes that I'm gone.  Then the flood gates open.
  •  Finn was blessed with not one, but two motorized vehicles within the past two weeks.  One was a golf cart from her Opa.  And the other was given to her by David, E's Italian friend's kid.  The Italians have a place in Scranton and David kept the John Deere there -- but he is now 10 and is over it.  Well, Finn isn't!  She loves it and is zooming all over the yard.  And her Papa will be happy to know that the girl is learning how to steer!  And it's pretty nifty because Papa & Mimi both work at John Deere, so I think they would approve.
  •  I'm not sure where the summer has gone.  Today the high was 67 degrees.  The kids & I are in long pants and sweaters.  We still have the windows open though.  Our air conditioner has been on the fritz lately.  E fixed it once already, but I'm not sure what he fixed actually fixed it because it stopped working again over last weekend (when it was really hot).  But the cool air makes it feel like fall.  I'll take it.
  •  Finn has also turned the corner on 2.  She will be officially closer to 3 on Saturday and really is starting to act it.  The sass that comes out of this girl's mouth is unreal!  But the ideas and storys that are starting to come out are quite hilarious. She is going to be a gifted story-teller that's for sure.  She already uses facial expressions, hand gestures and head tilts while discussing things with you.  It's amazing to watch.
  • And we are going to be enrolling Finn in gymnastics class come September.  Since she is 2.5, I will have to participate with her (i.e. follow her around the class).  But we are beginning with gymnastics as there are no dance studios that will take a 2.5 year old.  Everything dance requires the child to be 3 years old.  So we are going to start with somersaults and balance beams.  E thinks that she will be over the moon for it.  I'm a little leery as she seems pretty shy around strangers and other strange girls (most times).

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